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Centennial Celebration Book

  • Davis Arts Center

Are you ready to celebrate Davis's centennial by making bookish keepsakes? We'll make two books out of a single sheet of paper that commemorate your favorite experiences and places in Davis, as well as a book of the history of Davis. We'll finish up with an envelope accordion book, filled with three postcards. The books will be displayed at City Hall as part of the Centennial Celebration, if you choose. You'll also be able to make the structures on your own with take home instructions from the class. Beginners welcome.

Registration for winter classes is not yet open, but instructions for how to sign up for classes can be found below in the meantime.

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Journal Making Class—Long Stitch with Chain

  • Verge Center for the Arts

Want to impress everyone at the café with a hand-sewn journal? Want to document your travels with a super deluxe stitched spine? We’ll make a multi-signature journal, using a long stitch with chain sewing pattern. You’ll learn how to make signatures, pierce a cover and signatures, and sew both a long stitch and a chain stitch. The long stitch has been around since the Middle Ages; and the chain stitch, or Coptic style, was invented in the second century by Egyptian Christians. Historical and fancy looking!

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Introduction to Bookmaking

  • Verge Center for the Arts

We’ll make three books in three hours. We’ll start out with a simple pamphlet, sewn together with a figure-eight stitch. Followed by two signatures (a group of about 16 pages) sewn as one with a surprise sewn in the middle. The class will finish out with an elaborate sewing of a pamphlet with link stitches along the spine.